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Borehole Seismic Services

Geology & Geophysics Consulting Services

An Integrated Approach to Providing Consulting Services to the
Upstream Oil and Gas Industry

Consulting Services


We have a full range of geological services, from play development to prospect generation to well planning to log analysis and petrophysics. We have significant recent experience in unconventional play development and analysis.


Max Solutions has professional experience in seismic, gravity and magnetics, using both surface and borehole methods. We have industry leadership in imaging steep-dip seismic interfaces, combining decades of experience with ownership of 100 levels of 3-component borehole geophone equipment, the most of any company in Europe, Middle East and Africa. We help create and promote the use of seismic inversion, particularly when applied to resource plays. We have significant experience in conducting and analyzing micro-seismic wellbore monitoring projects.

Well Design

Our drilling engineers have decades of knowledge and experience in developing drilling programs for any application. We collaborate with geoscientists and reservoir engineers to develop casing programs that are cost-effective and safe.


Max Solutions has directly controlled the geosteering of many deviated or directional wells in various basins and on several continents. We have developed strategies to ensure the drill bit is located where you think it is and where you want it to be. This includes understanding bottom hole data in real time and also an understanding of the confidence in the X, Y and Z of the target.

Reservoir Engineering

Max Solutions partners with a world-class engineering firm to provide both a broad and detailed analysis of reservoir conditions in fluid-flow simulation and reservoir performance analysis.

Completion Engineering

Max Solutions partners with a world-class firm with unmatched success in the design, implementation and results analysis of wellbore completion work. Together we have successfully completed many wells around the world.